Wille Tractor

Wille is the most popular machine on the market for the environmental management and maintenance of urban areas. It is designed to operate though all four seasons, especially winter, when maintenance operations are the most demanding and expensive. The articulated steering and location of the cabin in the front frame provide the operator with excellent working conditions.

Wille is exceptionally strong considering its size. The line-up covers five models ranging from 2 to 7 tons. Compared with wheeled loaders in the same weight category, Wille's engine delivers about 60 % higher output. This power is needed the most to drive the hydraulic work attachments, and while travelling on the road carrying a heavy load. Depending on the model, the drive speed is 20-30 mph.

Wille is agile. Wille is at its best when working in a confined, urban environment with high traffic density where the work must proceed quickly. The machine is equipped with a versatile hydraulic system and three attachment points for the work attachments: one in the front, one in the rear and the third one on top of the engine. Fewer driving passes means less disturbance of the surrounding environment!

One of Wille's strengths is its wide range of available work attachments. These are easy to come by and effortless to change. Their compatibility with the base unit is ideal, which means that the machine can be operated efficiently and safely all year round.

Wille 265 Intro Video Click Here

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