Epoke Spreaders

Designed to be reliable, durable & versatile

Epoke equipment lasts, requires minimum maintenance and suffers less downtime.

Epoke warrants all products sold and operating in the United States and Canada to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year. An additional warranty against defects in electrical components extends for a second year and hoppers are warranted against rust perforation for a period of ten years. Epoke also guarantees parts availability for at least 15 years after purchase.

Towed Spreaders

Compact size, Big results! Epoke Towed Spreaders offer controlled coverage from less than three feet to over eight feet wide. A measured dispersion provides even coverage and protects the surrounding environment from damage. The Epoke® Principal delivers unparalleled coverage and material savings.

Superior winter maintenance for any size job! The variety in capacities and drive systems guarantees a spreader to meet your needs. Compact to full-size, they easily hook up to any vehicle and are powered by: ground speed (towed); hydraulics or PTO for 3-point mounted model. You can rely on even coverage and no waste with the ground-speed related feature standard on all towed spreaders.

Bulk Spreaders

Unparalleled Control - With all Epoke machinery you gain the unique benefit of incredible versatility and control in spreading. The symmetry function allows you to spread to single or multiple lanes, to the left or to the right behind the spreader. This revolutionary system is easily adjusted on the fly with the EpoMaster control - turning lanes, intersections, bus lanes, and more can be treated precisely on just one pass without wasting material!

Liquid Spreaders

Epoke Liquid Spreaders are designed to distribute liquids at the optimal height and angle to ensure broad and even coverage at speeds of up to 50 mph. The Spraytronic nozzles allow for up to 3-lane width high-speed coverage.

The EpoMaster® controller provides infinitely variable flow capable of handling the full range of fluid output volume. This advanced system greatly reduces the number of nozzles required-it takes only nine spraytronic nozzles to do the work of over 40 traditional nozzles!

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