Vanguard Contamination Prevention Systems

For years workers have exposed themselves to harmful materials
Vanguards Hose Washdown Roller
Complete Vanguard System with Modular Design

Contact with wastewater is much more dangerous today than ever before.  "Superbugs" are becoming more common and antibiotics less effective in treating them.

The Vanguard System is designed to protect your workers from sicknesses caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites found in wastewater.  Wastewater maintenance workers potentially get exposed to all of these everytime they clean a line. 

The Vanguard System easily installs on your current Jetter or Combo Machine and automatically rinses the rodder hose when retrieved with a powerful solution that kills or removes 98% of harmful bacteria and viruses.

After installation, the Vanguard System utilizes water from the jetter and mixes it with the Vanguard chemicals.  When activated, the system automatically washes down the rodder hose as it's retrieved.  An optional hose reel can also be installed to enable the operator to clean tools, accessories and even the manhole and pavement where potentially harmful material has fallen to protect the general public.

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