Vaporooter Mini-Foamer

Foam Generation and Delivery Console
Vaporooter Mini-Foamer

Vaporooter Lateral Line Mini-Foamer

Sanafoam’s Vaporooter product isn’t just for mainline application.  With the Mini-Foamer, lateral lines can be treated through cleanouts with the same great results!

The Mini-Foamer consists of a rugged wheeled container with the foam generation and delivery console, a 5 gallon plastic chemical and water reservoir and application hose with inflatable bladder.  The chemicals are placed into the reservoir and filled with water.  The hose is inserted into the cleanout and the bladder inflated to seal the pipe.

The unit then aerates the mixture and pumps the Vaporooter foam into the pipe under pressure until filled.  One 5 gallon reservoir with chemicals will treat approximately 100’ of 4” lateral.

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VAPOROOTER is a combination of herbicides that are placed in sewer lines as a foam for the purpose of eliminating roots and preventing further destruction of sewer pipe caused by live tree roots. Only roots within the pipe and a very short distance outside the pipe are effected. Trees and shrubs immediately above ground are not harmed.


A herbicide which penetrates root cell walls, bursts them and causes the root to die and decay.

A root growth inhibitor which attaches to surface-active organic material to inhibit further root cell division or growth for approximately three years.

A surfactant blend which strips away grease and slime from the roots permitting penetration for the formulation into the root mass.

A foaming agent which provides a durable, fine-textured "vehicle" to carry Vaporooter into maximum contact with all roots and pipe surfaces.

Optimum foam Quality and quantity are achieved with the Vaporooter System for cost-effective control of your sewer root problems.



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