Bio Plugs

BioPlug CS and BioPlug L

Bio Plugs

Halt the build-up of fats, oils and grease in wastewater systems with a simple, labor-free maintenance program using BioPlug. Grease, as well as sugars and starches, are stopped from forming continuously and automatically for 30 days at a time.

Most products on the market contain high concentrations of enzymes that claim to liquefy grease; however, the grease simply resolidifies to cause the same problem again downstream. BioPlug releases trillions of natural aerobic bacteria that literally eat grease and organic buildup in the sewer lines.

BioPlug contains eight strains of highly effective grease-metabolizing bacteria that accelerate the bioremediation process turning grease into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

BioPlug is available in two unique formulations: BioPlug L for use in lift stations, and BioPlug CS for use in sewer lines. BioPlug products provide time-released bacteria and work without attention for up to 30 days.

BioPlug CS is designed for use in sewer lines, suspended from the underside of manhole covers. As it floats it releases bacteria at a rate that matches the flow of water for peak control of fats, oils and grease.

BioPlug contains no enzymes, surfactants or chemicals, making it environmentally friendly. It fully eliminates grease and oils, leaving nothing behind for further treatment, making it the method of choice for municipalities and institutions across the country.

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