Taming Roots for over 40 Years
JETSET Commander makes Foaming Easy
The JS Commander Mounts on your Existing Equipment

Vaporooter– Your solution for root control!


Sanafoam *Vaporooter II – Treat your root problems for 1/5th of the cost

If you’re in water and sewer management or contracting, you know how roots in your sanitary sewers are choking the life out of your system. For decades they’ve been filling up the pipes and now you’re the one who has to deal with the blockages and overflows. You’ve tried cutting, which is time consuming, expensive and can actually make the problem worse. You’ve tried other chemicals or contractors, who don’t get the job done either.

Scientific research and more than a hundred million feet of experience prove Vaporooter is the most effective way to rid your system of roots.

Effective chemical root control in sewer systems was considered next to impossible until forty years ago, when scientific research discovered that a combination of metam sodium and dichlobenil make it possible.

Together, the two ingredients create a devastating one-two punch on roots. Metam sodium penetrates root cells, destroying the root on contact without harming the plants and trees above ground. Dichlobenil bonds to pipe walls, joints and cracks to prevent new growth from blocking pipes for years. Numerous studies have documented the effectiveness of Vaporooter when used in accordance with the label.

Sanfoam Roo-Pru

Sanafoam Roo-Pruis a Dichlobenil only formula and does not require an operators license.  Second only to the Vaporooter II formula, Roo-Pru is the next best product for chemical root control available.

With over 40 years of continuous use, Sanafoam's *Vaporooter II and Roo-Pru have proven track records of success. It all means your sewer system can last longer with fewer sewer repairs. Fewer blockages and overflows. Fewer fines. And fewer midnight calls and headaches. So stop cutting and recutting. Vaporooter kills and inhibits root growth for years with one simple application, guaranteed.

*Vaporooter II is a Restricted Use Pesticide

Jetset Commander

If the Jet Set Commander had been around in the 60's you wouldn't have a root problem now. This state-of-the-art, patented technology has revolutionized root foaming. A touch screen controller makes root foaming as easy as pushing a button. The computerized system automatically mixes the two ingredients, foaming agent, water and air to deliver exactly the right amount of chemical in a dense foam that fills the pipe, coating every inch of every root.

The Jet Set Commander was designed to be retrofit onto virtually all major jet or combo trucks, and is available as optional equipment for Vactor, Vac-Con and Sewer Equipment of America units.

Application of Vaporooter is so easy that, typically, a two-person crew can treat sanitary sewers in a fraction of the time it would take a full crew to cut them.

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