Envirosight Pipeline Cameras

Verisight PRO

Specialists in Video Pipeline Inspection

Envirosight, LLC is your source for video pipeline inspection equipment and services. Sewer, water, storm water, electrical conduit -- whatever your application, Envirosight has the expertise and tools to help.


Compact Pipe Inspection for Maximum Productivity

Trusted for 20 years, ROVVER inspection crawlers have a modular design that allows quick reconfiguration for any combination of pipe size, material and condition. Short and steerable, ROVVER crawlers navigate past debris and obstructions, climb offsets, and pass through inverts and curved access points. Three chassis sizes allow inspection of pipelines 4" to 60" diameter.

ROVVER uses a fully automatic cable reel, which has a tension sensor to reduce the pulling burden on the crawler (thus extending its range), as well as to prevent cable tangles during backward crawl. Compact and consuming minimal power, ROVVER systems are also more portable and require substantially less operational overhead.


Digitally Equipped to Go the Distance

Setting a new benchmark for performance and agility, SuperVision rapidly evaluates pipe condition and identifies maintenance needs. Like ROVVER, SuperVision emphasizes maneuverability with a host of attributes: short wheelbase, steerable six-wheel drive, modularity for easy reconfiguration, and an array of traction options.

QuickView® and Quickview airHD Wireless

Pipe and Manhole Inspection Made Safe, Quick & Affordable

Inspect pipelines, manholes and tanks safely from street level with the patented QuickView zoom inspection camera.

Municipalities use it to identify and prioritize maintenance issues. DOTs use it to assess culvert, storm pipe and bridge condition with minimal exposure to traffic. Contractors use it to survey pipe condition before bidding, and to document completed work.

VeriSight PRO™

Digital Push Camera

VeriSight PRO isn't just built tough for dependability; it's built smart to make you more efficient.

It will store up to 90 hours of MPEG4 video. An intuitive file system lets you archive clips for easy retrieval, while the USB and SD ports let you upload inspection results directly to your PC. Combine these features with selectable SONDE frequency and a 16-page text generator with full QWERTY keyboard, and you're equipped for maximum productivity.

VeriSight PRO is the only push camera available with optional data entry and reporting capabilities. With these options, you can enter standards-compliant observations using onboard defect catalogs, and then generate reports.

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