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We're proud to represent Vactor Manufacturing, the world's largest, highest quality and performance manufacturer of Combination Sewer Cleaners and High Pressure Jetting equipment.

Combination Sewer Cleaners

  • 2100 Plus

  • 2100 Series Fan

  • 2100 Series PD

  • 2103


Vacuum Excavation

  • Paradigm Vacuum Excavator
  • HXX Prodigy (Mid-Size)

  • HXX Hydroexcavator Fan (Full-Size)

  • HXX Hydroexcavator PD (Full-Size)

  • Hydro Excavation Applications

DigRight™ Technology, a new patent-pending technology standard on all Vactor® HXX HydroExcavators®, allows operators to select a maximum operating water pressure to control maximum water pressure output – all with the push of a button.

DigRight increases safety, adheres to industry recognized best practices, and allows the operator to focus on the application. 


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  • Fisher
  • A&H Body Company
  • Shamrock Pipe Tools, Inc.
  • KEG
  • American Roll-Off
  • Buyers
  • LoadMaster
  • Warner
  • Envirosight
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