Falcon Asphalt Repair

5 Ton Slip-in Unit
6 Ton Hook-Lift Unit
Trailer Dump Unit

 A Falcon Asphalt Recycler & Hot Box is versatile. It will:

1. Recycle asphalt chunks and millings for less than $20 per ton;

2. Hold hot mix for days;

3. Heat and reheat cold patch.

Falcon’s patented heat management system is the key to affordable asphalt recycling. The design yields over 90% combustion efficiency while using less than three gallons of diesel fuel to maintain hot mix over an eight-hour period.

Asphalt heats and breaks down into usable hot mix overnight making the recycling process labor-free without any moving parts. Leftover uncompressed asphalt as well as asphalt chunks and millings removed from roads and parking lots can be recycled. Falcon equipment is essentially a portable, affordable asphalt plant.

Falcon offers both trailer and slip-in models with a full line of bolt-on options.   Hopper capacities range from 1/2 ton to 8 tons.

For a video of the Falcon Recycler , Click Here

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