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Crosswind FSX Airport Sweeper
Glycol Recovery Vehicle GRV

America’s First, World’s Finest Street Sweeper

Airports require sweepers that achieve top performance on the runway. To address these needs, Elgin Sweeper introduced the FSX "Fast Sweeping Crosswind." The FSX cleans at higher sweeping speeds on runways.

The FSX features a turbo charged auxiliary engine and a unique pickup head and impeller capable of incredible suction power at higher speeds. Options include heavy duty caster wheels for the pickup head and a powerful lateral side air blast (single or dual) which directs a concentrated, high velocity air stream through an opening to clear away debris from protruding lights and other obstacles where side brooms can't reach.

This unique product was specifically developed to remove glycol and other deicing fluid runoff on airport runways and gate locations before this potentially hazardous chemical can infiltrate the surrounding waterways. The GRV’s high air flow, wide sweep path, superior vacuum performance and efficient separation of glycol and ice from the air stream result in fast, clean glycol pick-up.

Equipped to operate at temperatures up to -40 degrees F (-40 degrees C), the GRV is at home even in the most severe winter conditions. The GRV's unmatched performance helps airports comply with the toughest standards for controlling glycol and other deicing fluid run-off mandated anywhere in the world.

For smaller airports, the Elgin Crosswind J+ can now be equipped with a Glycol Recovery System allowing dual use as both a sweeper and a GRV unit.

Medium to Large Airports, like Cities and Towns are often best served using a variety of sweeper types. Elgin offers a broad product line of sweepers to fit any need.

Broom Sweepers

  • Pelican
  • Eagle
  • Broom Bear
  • Road Wizard
  • Air Sweepers


  • Whirlwind
  • Crosswind
  • Crosswind Fury

Specialty Sweepers

  • Glycol Recovery - GRV
  • Crosswind FSX
  • Megawind

Waterless Dust Control Technology

  • Waterless Eagle

Alternative Fuel Powered Sweepers

  • Alternative Fuel Pelican
  • Alternative Fuel Eagle
  • Alternative Fuel Broom Bear
  • Alternative Fuel Crosswind

To see what Elgin Sweeper may be the best fit for YOUR application.

Sweeper Applications

  • epoke
  • Fisher
  • A&H Body Company
  • Shamrock Pipe Tools, Inc.
  • KEG
  • American Roll-Off
  • Buyers
  • LoadMaster
  • Warner
  • Envirosight
  • Monroe
  • Oshkosh
  • Elgin