Epoke Spreaders

The Sirius 3500-2T

Epoke’s high flying airport program

Extreme weather maintenance is critical at airports - and that’s why airports around the world trust Epoke® equipment. Unique to Epoke, pre-wetting is done on the spreading discs to improve material effectiveness and adhesion. The efficiency of our spread pattern is specially designed for accurate and uniform coverage as verified by runway friction testing procedures.

The Sirius 3500-2T exceeds airport authorities’ need for wide and controlled material spreading with pre-wetting at rates up to 30%. You’ll appreciate the minimal wastage and maximum safety of using Epoke® spreaders. The twin spinners benefit from the Epoke principle which ensures uniform material distribution through both spinners.

Dual spreading disc system

The Sirius 3500-2T is the optimal spreader, if extra wide spreading width is desired.

With the Sirius 3500-2T and a maximum spreading width of 80 feet everything from 3-lane highways with emergency lanes to airport runways and taxiways may be covered.

The familiar design featuring the Epoke® Principle, also known from SIRIUS and SIRIUS Combi spreaders, ensures an accurate and homogenous dosing.

The Sirius 3500-2T is road-speed related and synchronous, i.e. the spreader always delivers the desired material amount per m2, even if the travel speed or the spreading width is changed.

Standard Features:

  • Choose between 5.25, 6.5, 8.0, or 9.25 cubic yard hopper size


  • 1.3 or 2.6 cu.yard hopper extension
  • 400 gallon front tank
  • lighting package with work light and two rotating beacons
  • level indicators for dry & liquid material
  • GPS receiver including antenna
  • EpoTector for 2T
  • leg system including front mounted roller
  • central greasing system
  • HD hydraulic wheel drive system with wheel autolift
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  • Shamrock Pipe Tools, Inc.
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