Lockhaven Takes Delivery

Lockhaven Lines Up
Lockhaven Lines Up
First Use!
First Use!

Lockhaven Takes Delivery

The Borough

of Lockhaven recently took delivery of a new 2013 Elgin Pelican NP 3 wheel sweeper.

It replaces a 1987 Elgin Pelican unit that served the community well for 25 years!

Lockhaven's Pelican features the new 74HP John Deere Diesel engine, configured with a redesigned high efficiency hydraulic system.  The new design eliminates the need for the previous 99HP JD, helping to combat the incredibly expensive new federal emmisions controls (Tier4 Final)

Lockhaven's Pelican was a featured piece of our recent Open House in Harrisburg and received a lot of interest by those attending.

Pictured are:

Ellwood Duck-Streets/Parks Dept

Henry Cummings-Streets/Parks Dept

Jim Kitner-Streets/Parks Mechanic

Denny Hurl- Streets/Parks Supervisor

Tom Gallagher-Streets/Parks Mechanic

EJ Weber, A&H Territory Manager

Darryl Shades-Sweeper Operator

Darryl Clements-Streets/Parks Dept

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