USS Clairton Works

Crosswind NX Sweeper
Crosswind NX Sweeper
NX Airflow
NX Airflow

USS Clairton Works

A&H has delivered a Crosswind NX to the Clairton Works of United States Steel.  The NX is the first Elgin Vacuum Sweeper to be designed with high dust and particulate industrial applications in mind. 

The USS Clairton Works is the largest coke manufacturing facility in the United States, operating 12 coke batteries and producing about 4.7 million tons each year.  In spite of its size, USS still had to source some of their coke requirements from others.  Ultimately this led them to begin a $500 million dollar expansion and upgrading of the Clairton plant.

As you can imagine, the environment is a key priority in the operation of all USS steel plants, and the upgrading of Clairton is being done with this as a priority, with USS CEO John Surma commenting that it will be "the cleanest coke works in the world".

As part of this continued commitment to the environment, USS recently purchased an Elgin Crosswind NX Street Sweeper to replace its existing competitive unit.

The Crosswind NX is unique.  Pollution generating industrial plants (and more and more municipalities) are concerned with respirable suspended particles (RSP).  These are dust particles of PM-10 (10 micrometers) or less in size which our lungs can’t filter out and can lead to heart and lung disease, including cancer.

The Crosswind NX joins the sweeping performance and reliability of the Crosswind J+ sweeper with the incredible dust control capabilities developed by Guzzler Mfg, a sister company to Elgin and the country’s leading producer of industrial baghouse suction equipment.

The results have been an amazing reduction of these PM-10 to PM-2.5 sized particles compared to traditional sweeper dust control systems that rely solely on water.

Water is still used as a dust suppressant within the hopper and suction tube of the NX, but the system relies  on the NX’s patented VR combination Cyclone/Baghouse Filtration System to filter a percentage of the airflow as it sweeps.  The result is superior performance and dust control in very difficult industrial applications.


Material is conveyed from the pavement to the hopper just as in a standard Crosswind. After most materials have separated from the air stream by dropping into the hopper or removal through the separator, the air flow is then split into two paths. One path gets filtered byNX technology with its own dedicated fan and the other path continues the standard recirculation process through the Crosswind fan.

Particles removed from the air stream by the NX technology filter are conveyed back to the main collection hopper as larger clumped together material. 

The dual path flow separation feature dramatically lowers the number of particles being passed through the Crosswind’s main fan and the NX technology filter completely protects its dedicated fan so all fan wear is reduced or eliminated. Dual fans insure a correct balance between the filtering fan and the standard regenerative fan.

Just like the Waterless Eagle and Pelican, the Crosswind NX may be used in all weather conditions, all temperatures and in wet or dry environments.

 The NX technology incorporates an array of permanent filter bags, which while is seldom necessary, may be easily removed for inspection. The filter bags are smooth and made to provide filtration at high efficiency (99.997%).

 The NX technology was invented, patented, and introduced by Federal Signal in 2002, on the Guzzler product line and has consistently proven to outperform other filtration systems in mobile, pneumatic conveying applications, particularly in high dust loading conditions.

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